PED Results Database

We maintain a database of kit and verified laboratory test results to provide statistics regularly to the fitness community. We hope to track:

  • Which steroid types are being faked
  • Which steroids are being swapped for which
  • How these statistics change over time, especially with supply restrictions causing an increase in fake products and scams on the market
  • Monitor existing and new scam brands to add to our Scammer List (find the latest list in the About/Blog section)
  • Observe changes in contamination contained in Chinese raws being imported into Australia

It is hoped this data will help users be aware of which steroids present the highest risks, and scammers to avoid.

Our entire result database is not public, but all our lab results are. You can access them here:

Statistics compiled from our database can be found in the About/Blog section.

All customers are invited to submit their test results for inclusion in the database – your details are not stored, and contributors are kept confidential. Photos of your test results can be sent to us via Instagram message or

We are not affiliated with and do not recommend any brands, suppliers or websites. We cannot tell you which brands to buy.