Roidsafe Telehealth Clinic: Another option for getting bloods done

Need to get your bloods done but don’t want to go to the GP?

There are a few options available that don’t involve going to your GP. Today, we are going to tell you about

Roidsafe is an online telehealth clinic providing Medicare-funded pathology referrals. Essentially, they provide you with the pathology form you take into a bloods collection centre, and then you receive your blood test results a couple of days later. Their referral forms can be taken to any Australian pathology centre.

Your Roidsafe Pathology test referral will cost you as little as $43.33 for a complete set of tests (See below). Your results are confidential—no GP can access your pathology results provided through Roidsafe testing without your consent.   

There are many reasons why people don’t get the medical tests they should – for steroid users; it can be wanting to avoid awkward questions, judgment regarding their PED use, or a doctor’s refusal to do the blood tests required.

Roidsafe seeks to tackle all of these barriers to healthcare so that every Australian feels comfortable getting the tests they need when they need them.   

How Roidsafe works

They provide GP-ordered/doctor-referred (Medicare funded), sports & hormones pathology testing for anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) & performance and image-enhancing drugs (PIEDs) safety. Roidsafe is a totally legal, judgment-free platform.

While Roidsafe doesn’t encourage or support the use of non-prescribed AAS & PIEDs, they understand the barriers stopping users from seeking vital healthcare. They break down these barriers by offering a confidential, pathology-based & GP-free testing system that allows you to monitor your own body:

  1. An evidence-based approach: Using non-prescribed PIEDs is illegal. For this reason, it can be hard to access important medical information about how usage affects health. Before Roidsafe, steroid users had to rely on second-hand information from other users within their community. While we understand why they’d seek advice from other users, this guesswork and anecdotes may not be relevant to their own unique body. Regular Roidsafe testing gives you real scientific insight into how your body functions pre, during and post-cycle, so you can make informed decisions about your steroid use. Everybody is different. Testing is vital to monitor and maintain good health no matter the stage of usage you are at.
  2. Anonymity: You don’t have to face a doctor. You can simply follow an easy referral process and get your results sent directly to you. They’ve made this process as seamless as possible to encourage more people to understand how steroids may be affecting their health. They want to empower you to investigate the impacts in a safe, secure & confidential way.
  3. Steroid side effects are real: Many users report an array of adverse effects of AAS & PIED use, ranging from mild to serious. Some symptoms even have long-term implications. Roidsafe lets you detect, understand and adapt to minimise the harm.

If you are about to start using Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), non-prescribed Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and/or other Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs), Roidsafe is for you.

Roidsafe provides bloodwork pathology referrals for testing to ensure the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) community and all those using AAS and PIEDs can monitor and ensure their good health. They are not testing for the presence of illegal substances in your blood. They are testing for the potential impact of these substances on your body. Read the full list of tests on their website here (What Roidsafe Test For – Roidsafe)

Their tests include the following:

Roidsafe Tests

When should you get testing done?

In order to really understand how your steroid use is impacting your body, it’s best practice to establish a baseline record of your body functioning before a cycle. Testing at this time gives you something to refer back to. Then, test while using and, importantly, once you have finished a cycle.

This is called 3-point testing, and it’s the best chance you’ve got of staying healthy. It’s the smartest way we know to help you avoid some really bad side effects many steroid users report. Your test results will empower you to make better decisions about your overall training outcomes and health.

A follow-up test 12 weeks after completing a cycle is also recommended.

How does it work?

When choosing your Roidsafe tests, select ‘Three points of testing – $43.22 each –  SAVE 33%’. This gives you three referrals to use at your convenience. You’ll then have the freedom to map out your tests to correspond with the important times of your cycle.

Roidsafe delivers the results to you via a secure application that lets you see your patient file in their practice management system, Medirecords. Your results will be on you. They provide the reference material to help you understand your results. If you wish, you can book a telephone consultation to discuss your situation with an accommodating doctor at Roidsafe.

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