Scammer List – March 2024

This list covers websites, wikkr usernames and Instagram names that have been reported as scammers for phishing scams, selling gear that never arrives, scamming for extra money, or deliberately selling junk gear. This is by no means a complete list – new scammers are popping up all the time.
The best ways to avoid being scammed are:

  • NEVER buy from a supplier who contacts you first (via email, Instagram, Wikkr or on a forum)
  • Don’t buy in bulk until you have verified their product is legit
  • Test a sample from every batch you buy to monitor quality, and send off samples for analysis periodically. Even the “good” brands go up and down in quality often.
  • Search for forum reviews of websites
  • Remember that you will not get your money back from any seller. When buying illegal drugs you are always at risk of being scammed.
  • Be careful of web addresses and Wikkr/chat app names, scammers will change one or two letters and you won’t realise its slightly different to the original.
  • Just because a supplier was legit the last time you used them, doesn’t mean they still are.

Scam websites to avoid

  • Aus Roid Pharma – social media that links to the Aus Pure Roids Telegram page – financial scam
  • Ausmeds
  • – was once legit, now a scam
  •, – phishing scams. The legit site has a .is url.
  • – there are several scam versions of that site, always check the url
  • Telegram – Aus Pure Roids – financial scam

Wikkr, Chat and Forum Scammers

  • Emails that look like – scam emails targeting the customers of the site
  • Apex anabolics, aussie apex – copying a legit username
  • Banner_pharma334
  • bnelabz
  • darc or ogaddar1nc
  • eagle1pharm (copying a legit one)
  • elchapoguzman
  • ghdaddy
  • ghost6891
  • Markburger20
  • miketyson
  • ogaddar1nc
  • ozpharmas
  • – was once legit, has been hacked and is now a scam
  • ozpharmmeds
  • ozshop
  • Pedtestperth
  • patoamos1957 (pat flores)
  • realdadboddd (TikTok)
  • shadohplay
  • Thiager Pharma (Instagram)
  • wood2200
  • straplab, straprep – scammer copying another supplier name
  • thereakdeel
  • ursecurityneeds
  • William smith, lucky_wils
  • aussiegear_power27, scott_power27 and versions of these names on Instagram. Will push customers for more bitcoin, won’t send the product.
  • Aus Roid Farm

If you have been scammed and they aren’t on this list, please email us at to get their name/site added to this list.

To find out if the product you have bought is legit, buy our test kits here and report your results to us so we can include them in our database..

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