The Australian Steroid Market 2023 – Insights from Customer Results

Since PEDTest Australia was started in November 2021, we have been recording customer results in a database. The purpose of the database is to track steroid brands available in Australia and how their quality changes over time to provide statistics to the fitness community. The database is also used for kit quality control and product development.

The database records the date, brand, steroid type and test result for individual vials in each kit. Comments are added if the user mentions blood results and side effects and whether the result indicates chemical contamination (precipitation when tested). Each result is classified as Confirmed, Swapped, Bunk or Inconclusive. No customer information is recorded.

The database is not public, and we do not “name and shame” brands unless they pose an obvious threat to public safety. We publish a list on our Instagram and website listing reported scam websites, which is updated periodically throughout the year.

We do not recommend brands, suppliers or websites or encourage illegal drug use.

During 2023, customers reported results for 690 oils, 316 orals and 10 raws (imported steroid concentrates), for a total of 1016 samples – a 30% increase from 2022.


There were 182 unique brand names reported, and 156 samples reported with no brand name. Almost all of these brands are produced by underground labs within Australia using imported Chinese “raws”.

The total number of brand names now in the database is 253 (an approximately 30% increase from 2022).

Steroid Types

Results in 2023 covered 31 different steroid products (types and blends). In addition to this, we also received kit results of Anastrozole, Arimadex, Aromasin, Caber, Cialis, Nolvadex and HGH (we provide free trial kits for substances that we are developing kits for).

Chemical Contamination in Oils Results

In 2022, we noted multiple brands were showing evidence of “chemical” contamination, which is most likely due to a residue left in the “raws” during manufacturing in China. When tested using a kit, they have varying degrees of precipitation – the results in the kit vials are cloudy, chunky or solid due to additional reactions taking place. This contamination can interfere with the reaction of the steroid being tested, causing the resulting colours to be lighter and more difficult to interpret. It appears to be most often present in enanthate ester products.

Of all the oil kit results reported to us:

  • 48% had no chemical contamination visible in the results
  • 42% had some level of chemical contamination (ranging from slightly cloudy to solid results)
  • 15% of all results received had a level of chemical contamination high enough to affect the test kit – either by slowing down the reaction time or affecting the colours produced.
  • 6% of all results had such strong contamination that a steroid ID was not possible (causing an inconclusive result – not bunk as it still showed a steroid present).
  • 9% did not have contamination levels recorded

The contaminants are difficult to identify with the laboratory methods currently available to us. Before we noticed it in our kit results, the steroid-using community was unaware of it. We consider it of utmost importance to continue researching this contamination and the potential side effects from short- and long-term exposure to it. We are also working on developing kits that are less affected by it.

Prevalence of Scam Brands Reported

Total number of results Confirmed Swapped No Steroid Inconclusive
Oils 690 424 109 15 40
Orals 316 209 55 23 19
Raws 10 7 0 0 3

(102 oils results were potency or trial kits and not included, 10 orals were trial kits and not included)

Swapped products (different ingredients to what is on the label) in 2023 stayed roughly the same for orals at 17% and increased from 12% to 16% for oils.

The oral products shown most often to contain no steroid or a swapped steroid are Halo, Anavar and Clenbuterol. Halo usually gets swapped with Dianabol, Anavar is most likely to be bunk or swapped with Dianabol, and Clen is most often swapped with Salbutamol.

The oil products shown most often to contain no steroid or a swapped steroid are Primo, Sustanon and Mast P. Primo and Mast P are often swapped with other Mast and Test products (or blended). Sustanon is most often swapped with Test P.

The number of bunk (no steroid) orals reported dropped from 20% in 2022 to 7% in 2023. The number of bunk oils also dropped – from 5% to 2%.

The 124 oil results showing no steroid present (Bunk) or swapped steroids were from 53 different brands, including several that were unnamed and two from compounding pharmacies dispensing products on prescription.

The 78 oral results showing no steroid present (Bunk) or swapped steroids were from 35 different brands,  including two unnamed brands and one “anti-aging clinic” compounded product.

This doesn’t include brands where the dosage of steroid doesn’t match what is on the label or where the result was inconclusive. Therefore, the likelihood of steroid brands providing products of poor quality is potentially significantly higher than indicated here.

Inconclusive results can be caused by a variety of things:

  • User error (usually too much sample being put into the kit)
  • Strong dyes and fillers in orals (red or purple dye, rare fillers such as wheat flour or sugar)
  • Chemical and particulate contamination (chemical residue from raws manufacture, heavy metals, poor quality handling in China and Australia)
  • Unexpected blends of esters or compounds used to fake products, for example, Primo faked using a blend of Mast E and Tren)
  • Liquid orals where the solvent used is unknown (e.g. Types of drinking alcohol)
  • Unusual compounds not covered in our current range (i.e.. Cialis or ephedrine in steroids)

There are a couple of brands that show good results for their oils but poor results for their orals, and vice-versa. Never assume that because some products produced by a brand are good, the rest of their products will be of the same quality.

This also shows how hard it is to avoid brands that are “scams”, as so many active brands in Australia show poor results which is often due to poor quality raws. Many of these brands have had good results at other times, reflecting the high variation and inconsistency between batches of steroids manufactured.

Popular Brands

We consider a “popular brand” to be one that has had 10 or more results of any kind reported to us during a year. Keep in mind that not everyone reports their results, and people are more likely to buy kits when they are unsure of the quality of a steroid brand, which can influence the number of results reported per brand.

During 2023, there were 21 “popular brands” reported (increased from 16 in 2023). Only 4 of these are what we would consider being “good quality” (correct dosages, correct compounds, zero to minimal contamination and low variability of results over time).

Of the remaining 19, 2 are well-known scam brands, 5 are brands that are known to have very poor and/or variable quality, and the remaining 12 have variable but average quality results.

We get asked regularly which brands are “reliable”. Essentially, none. EVERY underground product will vary from batch to batch, and the data shows that even the most “reliable” brands will vary in potency and quality occasionally.

For steroid users, testing a sample of each batch you buy is the most cost-effective and efficient way to monitor changes in the quality of each brand used.

Lab Analysis

PedTest Australia periodically organises donated samples of steroids to be sent to a laboratory overseas for formal and more comprehensive analysis. The purpose of this is for quality control of our kit results, new kit development, and to provide the steroid user community with publicly available analysis results.

During 2023, we had 11 oil and 6 oral steroid samples analysed. Only 36% of oils and 50% of orals were the correct compound and dosage. All our lab analysis results can be found in a saved story link on our Instagram page.

Total number of results Correct compound and dose Swapped compound Underdosed Overdosed
Oils 11 4 3 4 1
Orals 6 3 3 3 0
Raws 0 0 0 0 0

(some swaps are also underdosed and so counted in both columns)

We plan on undertaking more lab analyses in 2024, so keep an eye out for our announcements on our Instagram page.

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Our kits help users make informed decisions about the substances they choose to take, reducing the risks they are exposed to. Get in touch with PED Test Australia for all your PED test needs. Members of the strength community run PED Test Australia for the strength community. We aim to improve safety and education and minimise harm for those who choose to use PEDs. We have answered several of your frequently asked questions, but feel free to email us if we have missed a question on the list. Feel free to also explore our store here.

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