What is an “Inconclusive” Result?

There are many different types of drug tests available, and they tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Urine tests
  • Saliva tests
  • Breath tests (i.e. Alcohol)
  • Blood tests
  • Substance tests

All of these can be performed by a laboratory, some can be done with mobile analysis equipment, and some can be done with home testing kits.

PED Test Australia provide substance test kits. These are designed to test tablets, powders, liquids and injectable oils, with the purpose of determining the identity and potency of a substance before it is used, to minimise harm to the user.

Although a PED Test kit cannot indicate the precise dosage or purity of a steroid, they can give an indication of whether a steroid is present, and which compound it is. They cannot identify contaminants and are not intended as a substitute for laboratory analysis. Please note – laboratory analysis of illegal substances for the public is not possible within Australia.

There are 4 possible results from a steroid presence test kit:

  1. The colour reactions match the chart for the steroid you’re expecting = ID confirmed.
  2. No reaction at all = no steroid present.
  3. The colours don’t match the chart for the steroid you’re expecting, but you can match it to another = the steroid has been substituted.
  4. There is a colour reaction but you can’t match it to any steroid = INCONCLUSIVE RESULT.

What causes ‘inconclusive’ results

An inconclusive result means that there is contamination of some sort in the sample tested. This contamination can be:

  • other steroids (causing a mix of colours that cant be matched to a specific compound),
  • some fillers and dyes in oral steroids such as bicarb soda (causes fizzing and faint colours), wheat flour (causing a murky brown reaction) and food dye (used to colour tablets),
  • chemical contaminants introduced during poor quality manufacturing of raw powders (can cause test kit liquids to coagulate/precipitate and not react properly).

Fillers do not cause as much issue as people assume, as the reactive ones mentioned above are not very common. Fillers also tend to react slower than the steroid itself, so a correct colour reaction is usually visible in the first 10 minutes before a filler colour affects the results.

What should you do if your result is inconclusive?

Try to match the result to the full colour charts found here. If there has been a swap, you may be able to match the result to a different steroid.

If you still cannot identify your result, send us photos of them to, along with the type of compound and brand you are testing. We can compare your result to the others reported for that brand and advise you on the likely cause of the inconclusive result.

If you still cannot identify your results, you can send photos of them to

Tips to avoid an inconclusive result:

  • Read and follow the kit instructions carefully – it is especially important with potency kits that you follow the instructions EXACTLY.
  • Smaller amounts work better – our test kits are very sensitive and require very small amounts to give a clear colour result. One drop of oil from an ultrafine needle or a pinhead amount of powder is ideal.
  • Too much oil will make the colours too dark to identify.
  • Too much powder will enable any filler reaction to overpower the steroid present.
  • Take photos of the results at 1 minute and 10 minutes. Colours after this time are not reliable and should be ignored.

We are committed to quality and accuracy above all else. Product development is an ongoing process and we announce product improvements and new product releases on our Instagram page.

Please note, all customers are invited to submit their test results for inclusion in the database – your details are not stored, and contributors are kept confidential. Also, due to delays with regular postal services, we have decided to make all deliveries Express through Australia Post. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that the delivery times will be as quick as possible, however they may vary slightly due to Covid-related transport delays. We anticipate that this should be less than 7 days.

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